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What is LFGM?

LFGM is a platform that allows players to connect with and support Game Masters of online pen-and-paper RPGs. Our listings allow Game Masters to list the games that they host so that players can find the perfect game for their schedule and style. Click here to see a list of features and benefits.

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Please note: Currently, the platform only supports free game listings whilst we test the payment gateway for providing paid games through the LFGM platform. We are attempting to develop the best possible platform for the community and appreciate your patience as we continue to develop new features. We invite you to be engaged with our G+ and Discord communities to help provide us with valuable feedback. Our mission is to further the success of our users.



Why Do Fans Pay To Watch?

published: Dec. 11, 2017, 2:06 a.m.

Excerpt from the article: "Live D&D is a growing phenomenon, and an enthusiastic audience watched the mostly imaginary action from all angles at the Force Grey: Survive the Tomb live show that was held on Nov. 18 at Villain in Brooklyn. It was the finale of the second season of Force Grey, a Dungeons & Dragons game following a group of adventurers from Waterdeep. The season featured the group trying to save the world from a horrible curse as they played through the Tomb of Annihilation adven... read more.


Notes about Listings - Bugs and Expectations

published: Nov. 15, 2017, 3:17 p.m.

Hey all, About our early stages here at LFGM, when you list your games, remember that our userbase is still quite small. We have 100 registered accounts as of this announcement (since only Saturday so yay!) and we've had 9 games listed. Until our user base increases, remember to advertise your games on your social circles as well and ask your players to join your game on LookingForGM.com. Your players love playing in your games. They will be happy to help you and provide feedback. The b... read more.


The Journey Begins

published: Nov. 11, 2017, 10:46 p.m.

When I first began playing pen-and-paper RPGs back about seven years ago, I was immediately drawn to running games as a Game Master. I’m sure like most others, it was the role that found me. Creating worlds, monsters, and adventures that could then be pursued and discovered by my players was simply the best type of gaming that I had ever encountered. This journey began about seven years ago. I spent countless hours developing storylines and drawing maps of dungeons and landscapes. But I ha... read more.


Earn an Income with Your Games and Events

Use our platform to become a Professional Game Master or storyteller. Earn an income by listing your paid games and events for players all over the world.
Game Master and Player Ratings

Enjoy features that allow you to rate your Game Masters and fellow players, find games that suit your play style, and meet people that complement your games.
Fewer No-Shows

How many games have you wanted to play that were cancelled or delayed? When you purchase a seat at a GMs table, you are telling the GM and the players that you are committed to that game.
Increased Game Quality

Game Masters will be able to use our platform to set prices for their services, thus allowing them to devote greater amounts of time to creating innovative and rich game experiences!
More Games

By supporting your GMs, you are incentiving a greater number of them to host games. More games available means more chances for you to play! No more worries about looking for a game last minute or at odd hours! Just pop on to our website and find the game that suits your needs.

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