Blades in the Dark: Tide of Skovs (FULL)

Price: Free
Game Played: Blades in the Dark
Session Type: Short Campaign (2-5 Sessions)
Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Time: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. UTC

Location: Online (Roll20)

The Unity War ended 2 years ago with Skovland's defeat, making the Emperor's conquest of the northern world complete and solidifying Duskvol as the world's most powerful city.

For two years refugees have flooded in from Skovland, bringing new recruits and new targets for the gangs that populate and control the streets and alleys of Duskvol. Recently, refugees have become unsettled by their treatment and are beginning to openly display of discontent. Word on the street is a young, hot-blooded Skov by the name of Ulf is carving a name for himself and fighting on behalf of the refugees.

Meanwhile the savage Billhooks fight to maintain control of the Docks from the Grinders, a mutant gang of ex-factory workers who resent the Empire's hand in their deformities and seek vengeance. The former has hired the Silver Nails, a group of ghost-hunting, monster-slaying mercenaries, to deal with the Grinders.

Meanwhile you and your cohorts have banded together and decided to make a crew of this band of scoundrels. You'll find making a name for yourself full of obstacles in a city on the brink of open rebellion. Will your crew create an enduring legacy whispered in fear and awe by the citizenry of Duskvol, or will you be swallowed whole by the darkness?


Blades in the Dark is a tabletop RPG where a group of players forms a crew of scoundrels (thieves, crooks and manipulators) with the intent of building a criminal empire.

-Build, upgrade and develop your crew how you want. Will you expand your gangs numbers into a legion of Bravos (mercenaries), or will you keep a small, close group of Assassins? Will you be the Smugglers who bring in illegal goods or the Hawkers who sell them and establish trade in the streets?

-"Fiction first" mechanic means you won't sit around for 30 minutes forming a plan only for a failed dice roll to make it impossible. No initiative; your dice roll for both yourself and the enemies/obstacles you face. YOU decide what skill rolls to use and I tell you how risky your position is and how effective it will be if you succeed.

-Players decide which plot threads to follow, which objectives to pursue and which events to influence. The GM only prepares the faction's agendas; there is no pre-written plot or adventure! The players choose through their actions and dice rolls.

-A living city of factions with their own agendas and power struggles that you can influence to make allies and enemies. Even if you never interact with them, they will still proceed with their goals and fight and ally each other in the background.



The remaining slots are for WEDNESDAY (7/22) during the MORNING or AFTERNOON (Central Standard Time)

I am a GM who prefers roleplayers, but I'm open to anyone who's engaging to play with. You don't have to ACT OUT your character or anything but I'd like at least some investment in the plot.

Please feel free to post in the roll20 discussion forum or PM me if you'd like in!

I look forward to playing with you!