MicroRPG001- 11/6/20 - Olaf Hits the Dragon With His Sword

This event is hosted by: Micro RPG BiWeekly Short

Price: Free
Game Played: Other
Session Type: Campaign Event
Date: Friday, Nov. 6, 2020
Time: 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. UTC

Olaf is going to hit the dragon with his sword. (or Olga will shoot her gun, we can be adaptable), but before this happens, we must explore why the dragon must be fought and what events have brought us to this confrontation. This is a narrative-focused RPG exploring power structures and how we oppose or are overrun by them, plus some dice.

Hop in the dice room to join, anyone is welcome.

Rules (only 1 page long!) are available at no cost here:

And, with no one joining, I ran this solo:

CatcusAir: Well, since I am doing this solo I hereby decree that the Dragon is a Tyrannical Regime and Olga is a revolutionary.

CatcusAir: Olga Shoots the Dragon with her RPG

CatcusAir: 1. Blood

CatcusAir: Olga: Lo, Tyrant, here you are, crouched upon the wealth of a nation like a Wyrm of old, fat with all you have devoured.

CatcusAir: Olga: The blood of the people calls out from the street gutters where it gatherers. It calls for an accounting

CatcusAir: Olga: I am the wrath of the people. I am their grievances made manifest. Tyrant-wyrm, your Judgement is here!

CatcusAir: 2. Iron

CatcusAir: Dragon: I am the state. The sinews of the nation serve it's head, and it is crowned in glory

CatcusAir: Dragon: The Dragon banner flies proud and high over columns of steel. Conquest is a hungry engine, and all must tends its fire.

CatcusAir: Dragon: What does blood matter, against gold and steel and fire? I devour greedily because it is the right of Empire to do so.

CatcusAir: 3. Iron

CatcusAir: Olga: What is Empire? Can I eat it? How can a banner be glorious if the people under it starve?

CatcusAir: Your conquests have enriched none but a few who crouch on hoard no less bloody and depraved than your own, Tyrant.

CatcusAir: Olga: How can there be pride in a nation that little less ravaged than it's conquests? Where is you glory? Nothing here shines.

CatcusAir: 4. Iron

CatcusAir: Dragon: What mewling is this? People are born, people die. Life is short. Glory is eternal. My Banner will be known a thousand years hence.

CatcusAir: Dragon: The bloodshed you weep for is merely the purging of weakness. You too will burn on that heap.

CatcusAir: Dragon: It is those like you who multiply the fire. You deny my might and my crown. The recalcitrance must be purged.

CatcusAir: 5. Sorrow.

CatcusAir: Olga: So much has been lost in fire, scorched away without discrimination, uncaring. How can that be might?

CatcusAir: Olag: You burned your own foundation when you sought to root me and mine out. See how few remain of your conquering armies.

CatcusAir: Olga: The dream of empire is ended, even should I fall. Abdicate your throne of ash while there is a country left, fool.

CatcusAir: 6. Ambition

CatcusAir: Dragon: Have you learned at least that lesson from me? To devour all and leave the foe nothing. I am flattered

CatcusAir: Dragon: Truly you have done well to strip so much from me, but you shall not have my glory. My name may be written in blood, but it is written.

CatcusAir: Dragon: You found your might to late, little predator. You can take much from me, perhaps, but not my name.

CatcusAir: 7. Envy

CatcusAir: Olga: Do you think the people will be satisfied with your head, tyrant? They are owed so much more than that.

CatcusAir: Olga: They will pull down your monuments, strike down your laws. Do you think your name is inviolate? You underestimate the people.

CatcusAir: Olga: They have supped on the bitterness of your empire for so long. Now they will drink it's false glories to the dregs and leave you not a memory.

CatcusAir: 8. Death

CatcusAir: Dragon: Ho, and I thought you unambitious, little one. Perhaps you have claws after all. But it will not save you.

CatcusAir: Dragon: Do you think only I will be pulled down by revolution? It was turmoil that raised me to my dread throne! The people love blood, and care little whose.

CatcusAir: Dragon: Strike me down and they will cast you down next. You cloak yourself in righteousness, but it is no shield from the hungry.

CatcusAir: Summary: Blood 1, Iron 3, Sorrow 1, Ambition 1, Envy 1, Death 1

CatcusAir rolls 1d6 = 1

CatcusAir rolls 3d6 = 6 (4 + 1 + 1)

CatcusAir rolls 1d6 = 6

CatcusAir rolls 1d6 = 6

CatcusAir rolls 1d6 = 4

CatcusAir: All dice are matched to another color: The Dragon eats Olga.

CatcusAir: The Revolution, though it carried to the very throne of the Tyrant, failed.

CatcusAir: The monster would be slain, eventually, but not this time.