Far Cry Gaiden: the Boogaloo 2

Looking For GM (Paid)

Game Played: D&D 5e
Session Type: Long Campaign (6+ Sessions)
Date: Monday, April 6, 2020
Time: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. UTC

Location: Roll20

Southwestern USA. 2044. 20 years after the nuclear apocalypse caused by the American-Canadian War. You and your ragged band of doomsday preppers were more than ready. You waited out seventeen years of nuclear winter before poking your heads back out of your bunkers. Nature had reclaimed the planet, and once again, America's countryside was lush, wild, and untamed.

Even in the absence of civilization, there was abundance. It was ridiculously easy to make a living off the massive herds of buffalo, wild horse, and other game that now wandered the Earth.

You and your community rebuilt society from the ground up, creating the city of Liberty. Freedom and peace reigned, and though there was hardship, you learned to cope. The combined expertise of the people was more than enough to get basic needs met. After a year of struggle, you saved up enough to even start taking leisure. Sitting beneath a clear night sky of countless stars and galaxies, reading salvaged books from the old municipal library next to your friends, falling asleep warm and content--perhaps life would not be so desperate after all.

But the paradise was about to end.

One day there appeared on the horizon a great army of masked soldiers, all eerily similar. They were an army of clones, led by a man who you all recognized from the world that had passed: Sanjar Arkat, the famous investor who became the world's first trillionaire after buying out and merging Google, Facebook, Twitter, Raytheon, Halliburton, Apple, and Microsoft in the year 2022. He had a brutal reputation, and it was known that he had a massive bunker somewhere in America.

Arkat did not even demand submission. His clone army opened fire immediately, massacring your people. It was easy for his troops to overwhelm your cities, turning Liberty from the capital city of a region of settlements to an isolated holdfast besieged by hostiles.

Are you going to let Arkat take Liberty? Or will you take Liberty back for yourselves?


This is going to be an open world TTRPG styled after the core gameplay loop of Far Cry: exploration, reconnaissance, upgrade, repeat.

The system will be a heavily modded version of 5e. There will be no classes, but there are feats to allow you to hone in on the style of combat you most prefer.

Please DM me if you have interest or have questions.

PLEASE NOTE: Timing is subject to what works for all the players.