Isle of Madness

Price: $15 per person
Game Played: Nobilis
Session Type: One-Shot
Start Time: TBD

Location: Zoom

The Island haunts your dreams. What awaits for you there, power, joy, salvation? Your story shapes the island, and each time you travel there, it is different. Reality Kalidescopes into its shapes and forms with each of your choices, turning back on itself, and you, in turn. The island takes its price, are you willing to pay?

We will be playing Nobilis, the strangest RPG you have ever hear of, and one that you will be telling stories about for the rest of your life!

A few things of note:
- Sexist, racist, or otherwise offensive remarks and opinions being espoused, or offensive behavior towards other players at any point will result in ejection. More generally, don't be a creep. If you want to tell a story of self-destruction or painful experiences, let them be your characters. Dark is ok, offensive is not; if you are unsure where the line is, meditate on it somewhere else.

- Times for the game will be worked out via discord, and we will play in roll20

- Access to the Nobilis PDF will be available beforehand if you do not have a copy.

- Session 0 will be character generation, and free before the One Shot, if you would like to continue I will require payment 48 hours beforehand in full.

Photo Credit: Aleksi Briclot, Delirium Skeins, 2017 Wizards of the Coast