Murder on the Pink Pernicious Express

Price: Free
Game Played: D&D 5e
Session Type: One-Shot
Date: Friday, July 10, 2020
Time: 10 p.m.

Location: Online //// Discord

All aboard the Pink Pernicious Express! Follow our five fellow fools adventurers (and Gaud!) as they board the express train to Magenta Metropolis. Their fellow passengers include Bezos The Bozo (The High Clown of Boz) and a Nondescript Goose hellbent on assassination. When in the middle of the night a murder most fowl foul is committed, will our adventures be able to uncover the guilty poultry party before time runs out? Are they competent enough to try? Maybe!

On an average day, in an average town, travelling to a city known for its pink hue..
Five adventures board the Pink Pernicious Express! The best, most classiest of all Locomotives in the business! The Pink Pernicious Express hosts all sorts of incredible facilities! Including, but not limited to: A Fully functional in-house latrine, A Well-Equipped Kitchen and Dining Car, Both Commoner Bedrooms and Rooms for the more refined, with in-house baths and free entertainment. We look forward to your visit, and remember!