Beyond the Vaasan Wall Weekly Session

This event is hosted by: Beyond the Vaasan Wall

Price: $25 per person
Game Played: Dungeons & Dragons
Session Type: Campaign Event
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020
Time: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. UTC

Location: Fantasy Grounds VTT

This is a mission based, tactical campaign. The characters will enter a hostile land to quest for treasure and fortune. The campaign will use several rule variants from the DMG, including fumbles, massive damage system shock, slow natural healing, and encumbrance. I am not a killer DM--not by a long-shot--but this campaign is meant to be gritty and tough and some characters could die along the way. Clever thinking and tactical awareness will be necessary to prevail. Players should be aware that charging into combat against an overwhelming enemy will have a poor consequence. Adventuring behind the Vaasan Wall is a tough business.

This campaign is intended for intermediate level players. Not experts or masters, but players that have the basics down for both Fantasy Grounds and D&D5e. Everyone can learn along the way, but coming into the game you should be able to get 5e rules and FG software. The Fantasy Grounds campaign is run on an Ultimate license, so players can participate using the free demo Fantasy Grounds Unity software, which can be downloaded from after creating an account.

Characters will start at 5th level. A player can create their character on their own using the standard ability score array or point-buy system. These can be created using anything from the PHB and XGTE. Players can progress their character to 5th level, but that progression should be noted for each level. Average hit points will be used unless the player wants to roll for hit points at the beginning of the game. Starting gold will be 500 gp, which can be spent on non-magical items. Some magic items will be awarded to PCs at the start of the game. I'll be happy to chat with anyone about character builds if desired along the way.

I will make the Fantasy Ground Unity campaign available to all players if they would like to create their characters in the campaign itself, or they can create and export them to me. If you send me an image of your character I will turn the image into your character's portrait. I will have a private Discord channel available for all players so the group can communicate and upload files and images as needed.