Journey Under Her Wing

This event is hosted by: Ettin Con 2020

Price: Free
Game Played: Other
Session Type: One-Shot
Date: Saturday, July 18, 2020
Time: midnight to 3 a.m. UTC

Ardent travellers! Join us for the sort of fantasy road-trip which Studio Ghibli might make after watching Adventure Time & Steven Universe.

Curled around the heart of the world, the oldest of dragons have slept beyond dreaming, and they hunger for stories. Stories of arduous journeys, through abrasive weather, across hostile terrain. Stories of remote settlements, intriguing communities and fascinating personalities. Stories of tense pursuits, unavoidable battles, narrow escapes, and relieved voices around the campfire. Stories of questing heroes like you.

Inspired by games like Ryuutama, Fall of Magic and Before the Spire Falls, this one-shot Worldbuilder session will use the Ironsworn ruleset in co-op mode, with Oracles and our own ideas replacing the traditional role of the GM. We'll zoom out as we travel a long and winding path toward a crucial destination, far from home, zooming in for specific character-led scenes like the sort of fantasy road-trip buddy movie which Studio Ghibli might make after watching Adventure Time and Steven Universe.

Each player will describe some of the path, and how their character can help lead the way through that leg of the journey, then find themselves surprised by the scene at the next waypoint, and what fate deals us. The five heroes will be accompanied by an elderly dragon-person who is chronicling their adventures to feed to her ancestors, adding spice and nourishment by barely nudging each turn of events with subtle magics just so as to make things more interesting.

Will you walk with us?

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