Into the Ironlands

Price: Free
Game Played: Other
Session Type: One-Shot
Date: Friday, March 20, 2020
Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. UTC

Location: Discord

Generations ago, your people were driven from the Old World in the wake of a cataclysm. Now, you have settled the Ironlands, bounded by deep woods, violent seas, and imposing mountains where only the reckless or resolute venture. In this place, superstition and nightmare are made real. You live in isolated villages of wood and thatch at the edge of dark forests, or as nomads among the northern hills, or as seafarers along the rugged coast. Most live out their lives hardly venturing beyond the walls of their village or steading, but not you.

You are different. You are Ironsworn: a hero driven to undertake perilous quests. In the Ironlands, a vow is sacred. When you declare your solemn promise to serve or aid someone, or to complete a personal quest, you touch a piece of iron... an iron coin, a weapon, or your armor. Your honor is bound to that vow.

It’s an old tradition. Some say the iron, a piece of the primal world, serves as a conduit to the old gods—so they may better hear your promise. Abandoning or recanting an oath is the worst sort of failure.

You will explore untracked wilds, fight desperate battles, forge bonds with isolated communities, and reveal the secrets of this harsh land.



Do you love Skyrim? The Witcher? Ironsworn lets you dive into a Viking-themed world of small communities facing deadly peril that only you -- one of the Ironsworn -- can stand against. Ironsworn is a game filled to the brim with deadly fights, dangerous agendas, heartfelt connections, crashing iron, and most importantly of all: random tables to get the game off the ground and on the road with no delay.

You also get the warm fuzzy knowledge that your gameplay will be supporting someone out of work as a result of the pandemic affecting businesses. Times negotiable. Message with inquiries.