Game Discussion and Character Creation

This event is hosted by: Exalted: The Gate of No Gate

Price: Free
Game Played: Exalted
Session Type: Campaign Event
Start Time: TBD

Location: Roll20/Discord

Looking for 1 or 2 more players for our Exalted game. Players will play as Characters from an Anime Manga or Video Game series that they come up with (not using existing properties) who have been transported into the real world that there creators exist in. you'll make up your own character and the kind of world and story they were from and we will work together to develop there plots and Creators ideas. There is something terrible happening in the world and it might just be destiny that has brought the characters to life.

This event Character Creation and Session 0 will al be free.

If you've Never played Exalted, that's Perfectly Okay. I'm happy to share with you the incredible game system that allows you to create any character you can Imagine. If your interested Just hop into the discord and say hello. Let me know and we can get started making your character and Ill introduce you to our other players.

Here is a Link to the Game Page and the Discord Channel used for playing.