Standing Offer - Player Seeks Seat at Table! AD&D2E, D&D 3-3.5E, PF1E

Looking For GM (Paid)

Game Played: AD&D: 2nd Ed.
Session Type: One-Shot
Start Time: TBD

Hi all,

I've decided to post a standing invitation to contact me regarding opportunities you might have for me to join new or ongoing campaigns running AD&D 2E, D&D 3E/3.5E, or Pathfinder 1E. Fifth Edition isn't for me, and so I've had some trouble finding games to play in. I am especially partial to Forgotten Realms based games. Adventurers above 1st level also preferred but not required.

As a roleplayer, I appreciate interaction, lore, and puzzles as much as I do combat. I do like to fill empty niches in groups with regard to classes, so that I have my own area of usefulness.

Availability is negotiable as to day, hours preferably between 1pm and 5-6pm EST. 6-7PM to 10PM EST possible but much less preferable. I am physically disabled and kind of live on a schedule due to that.

Note: I'm just paying for a seat at the table so that I can get into games using these particular rulesets/setting, hopefully finding long term groups which will have many weekly adventures together. I'm NOT paying for any form of special treatment, just the privilege of having room made for me with your group.

If interested, I am best contacted at Legacy Ark Games#0725; I'd be happy to discuss what your adventure entails and, of course, your rate!

I have/use FGU Ultimate/FGC Demo, the former stocked with all AD&D2E rulebooks, and the basics for the other systems are still pretty well in memory. Discord is available for voice if used. Thank you!