MetaGame (LitRPG inspired)

Price: Free
Game Played: D&D 5e
Session Type: Long Campaign (6+ Sessions)
Date: Sunday, March 29, 2020
Time: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. UTC

Location: Online

"You" have found yourself thrown into a full immersion VR-MMORPG set in a fantasy world of A.I. driven NPCs, thinly veiled pop culture, and recycled plot tropes.

You and number of other players have been choosen to beta test this new game. A game rumored to be vastly more immersive and splendid than any other game you've (or anyone has) played before. It feels so real! The smell of grass. The breeze. The VR gear top notch. Utilizing nerve Induction to stimulate REAL sensory perceptions - touch, taste, smell, for your experience in the worldscape.

You, of course, start off alone in a white loadout room, with the obligatory bubbling incubation tank, featuring a rotating maggot white featureless humanoid, and upon that tank an interface screen that allows you to scroll through (or construct (See Game Info)) various racial configuration - each one manifestly altering the tank's occupant. Once finished your POV pans into the tank. Indeed into the very body you just finished sculpting, from its viewpoint and the now open tank - you, naked, climb out to see a number of doors with the various class symbols to choose from - apparently, each class has an associated guild which you - upon entering the door, will be joined. Once you have chosen your guild - the room beyond is a Matrix loadout room with thousands of options of equipment - most of which are vastly beyond your starting gold piece balance, or unable to be used by your guild.

You in this world, you are the heroes... you who may take even mortal wounds, and more often than not recover. You are the Undying. Well, that is what the NPCs refer to you as, because unlike them you tend to bounce back after getting beaten down to 0 Hp, and failing that... respawn.

Regretfully so do many of the MOBS.

Inspired by Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, and the LitRPG genre in general. The campaign will feature in your face plot lines through assigned "quests" some you may ignore, some you may fail, some you may be forced to take up... and all while dealing with that steam of text .

You and your fellow players will have the knowledge you're in a manufactured environment and fully immersed in that game. You may or may not have to contend with "real world" issues from time to time.

Characters will start at a 1st level (Using a 20pt Point Buy system for attributes - this is lower than normal)


♦ Nonstandard World,
♦ Metaskills (see below)
♦ Some Spell Revisions,
♦ Training dependent Level progression
♦ Increased Downtime rules, around skill development and Settlement/Guild building
♦ +1; Players will be allowed to choose up to 1 non-standard element to bring into game (pending the GM's approval) be that a race, subrace, class, Archetype (College/Tradition/Path/Circle/Way/Oath/School/Order/etc. etc), Weapon, Spell, Magic/Mundane Item, Ruleset, or the like)

Metaskills are skills the that VIRTUAL PLAYER has that their in-game character may have access to. Such as; physics; chemistry; baking; epidemiology; wood working; ancient sumarian basket making. (ok... I was kidding with one of those. "physics"... like that's a real thing LOL)

Please note The time listed isn't the date/time of the game's session.