The Order: Monster Hunters - One-Shot

Price: Free
Game Played: D&D 5e
Session Type: One-Shot
Date: Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020
Time: 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. UTC

Location: Roll20

You are a group of monster slayers known as The Order sent on a mission to retrieve an item so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.
The characters are pre-made as the one-shot is designed for anyone to drop in to play. It is setup in a homebrew world, but much of that does not matter too much. The characters have intertwining stories that unfold as the adventure goes on.

This one-shot is designed to about 3-4 hours of game play. There is a $20 charge for this adventure that is charged on my online store.
I am looking for 4-6 adventurers who are looking to tell a story together. The goal is to make a fun engaging game that anyone can drop into on the fly without having to think about character creation.
We will be using audio chat via Discord. A link to the discord channel will be available when you are invited to the game. I find the mobile version of Discord works the best since a mic a lot of times is not required.
Each character will start off at level 6. Spells will be chosen for you (again it is designed for people to drop in and just start playing). Here are the list of characters:

* Human - Transmutation Wizard
* Human - Monster Slayer Ranger (Taken)
* Hill Dwarf - War Domain Cleric
* Half-Orc - Mage Slayer Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)
* High-Elf - Glamour Bard
* Half-Elf - Thief Rogue

I run a very heavy story and roleplay style of game. I does not mean YOU have to roleplay with voices, but it does mean I expect some roleplay effort. This means thinking like your character. I reward players who roleplay and think outside of the box.

With that said I am a tactical player as well. I do like my monsters to think with survival and winning in mind. In my one-shots this does not occur as much.
This is a homebrew world with different regions. Most of this does not pertain too much but it is there to consider.

The continent that this takes place on is low/medium fantasy. It is run by mostly humans who were broken off from the world during The Breaking/War of The Gods. Because of this magic is frowned upon, but not outlawed. People prefer divine magic but not so much arcane.

Dwarves are known as slavers on this continent, mostly enslaving elves. Dwarves and Orcs do not get along with each other as they are constantly fighting over regions within and near the mountains.


"This was my first DnD game I ever played and I gotta say that I had a blast. The story was intriguing and well made with a lot of danger, a good dash of suspense and a good deal of mystery..." - Steve S.


"In my experience, one-shots can be a little hit or miss, especially when the players don't know each other beforehand. This one however was a definite hit. The characters have several interconnections and clear motivations, which facilitated roleplay from the start, and the mission objective is clear, so we had no awkward pauses in which nobody knew how to proceed. The plot itself was exciting to uncover, combat and puzzles were well balanced, and the finale felt satisfying while having potential to set up a longer running campaign." - Laura


"The < adventure > itself had lots of little things to find and interact with. The encounters were fun and made sense within the lore. There were also multiple outcomes for the ending, which means that every game runs differently. " - Daniel F.