Extinction Curse - The Show Must Go On

Price: Free
Game Played: Pathfinder 2.0
Session Type: Long Campaign (6+ Sessions)
Date: Saturday, April 4, 2020
Time: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. UTC

Location: Roll20

## Extinction Curse - The Show Must Go On
An evil hungers beneath the earth. This ancient enemy seeks to undo Aroden’s work from millennia ago and bring desolation to the Isle of Kortos. The heroes destined to confront this enemy have humble beginnings, working as members of a novice circus troupe on the Isle of Erran, just off the north coast of the Isle of Kortos. These humble heroes are fated for much more than the circus, however, and with skill and luck might save the entire region from the extinction curse!

+ This is the first book of the Extinction Curse AP
+ Players begin at Level 1.We will use point buy to create characters.
+ We will be using the Variant Archetype to grant free access to archetypes for much more variant characters.
+ This adventure focuses on investigation at its core.
+ Play time will be 4 hours from 4 PM CEST to 8 PM CEST, maybe a few minutes extra to wrap up anything.
+ The bare minimum of players required is 3. Anything below that might be difficult to adjust for.
+ Session 0 will be free of charge and intended to create characters and explain the way I run games in detail.
- No homebrew content allowed.

### The way I run games:

+ There will be variable combat and ambient music present for different moods. A third party add-on is required.
+ Handouts created for players to help with visualization of different NPC's.
+ If any downtime is present it will be handled preferably out of the game to not bog it down and keep play more exciting.
+ I generally like a party composition of players who feel strong about the following themes
- Camaradery
- Friendship
- Being nice to each other
- Helping out and working as a team to solve the problems presented in the books.
+ I strongly dislike the following
- Evil Characters
- People who don't contribute in any way to the events unfolding or do something to set the party back for no reason what so ever. :/
- Being toxic for whatever reason to the DM or to the rest of the party.
+ I tend to run combats in a fast and efficient way so that no one takes a very long time with their turns and this brings a more pleasant overall experience to the table. We will be playing using grid rules.
+ We will be using Discord as a base for voice communication. Please have a decent microphone and no background noises!
+This game will be an as intended play of the AP as Paizo designed it. At it's core I will change nothing if

### About me:

+ 26 Years Old
+ Have 4 years experience DM'ing various systems (D&D 4E, 5E, Dark Heresy, Warhammer Fantasy. Pathfinder 2E (and the playtest too!))
+ I do lots of voices for characters to make it fun an interesting for players to interact with.

# Any questions please message me in private. :D