Admiral Benguin's Guide to Advanced GM Techniques for TTRPGs - Session 2

Price: Free
Game Played: D&D 5e
Session Type: One-Shot
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. UTC

Location: Online

Are you a current DM running your own D&D Games in the 5th Edition of the easiest-to-run iteration of the most popular Table-Top Roleplaying Game of all time? Perhaps you are running a different system of TTRPG but are struggling with juggling the social aspects of a role-playing game? Have you developed a solid foundational knowledge and skill base in this endeavour and are looking to elevate your games to the next level?

Then this workshop is for YOU. Join me as I go over advanced DM techniques and processes designed to improve the social aspects of Tabletop Gaming, including:
-Inter-player and player-GM Conflict Resolution
-Dealing with GM overload
-Balancing Player Desire and GM Ambition
-Identifying KPI for social objectives, and how to leverage them
-How to deal with problem players, or problem player characters
and more, as time allows

This workshop is designed for DMs that have a good grasp on D&D 5e basics prior to attending, but will be friendly to new DMs and GMs of other TTRPGs as well. Stay tuned for my upcoming series of workshops for brand-new beginner DMs and GMs if that is what you are looking for.

Message me on discord at Emperor Benguin#1801 for more information.

This is a FREE workshop. This Session is the second in a series of workshops for Advanced GM-ing. All workshops will be broadcast for free at

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Elrad Dennis