Sorcerer Game

Looking For GM (Paid)

Game Played: World of Darkness: Other
Session Type: One-Shot
Start Time: TBD

I am seeking a storyteller to run a game of Sorcerer from world of darkness utilizing the rules from Sorcerer Revised, possible inclusion of rules from the Sorcerer Companion from the storytellers vault. Powers and abilities should require justification through research, instruction, and possible creation of paths and rituals. Downtime seeking instruction and such activities should be a focus.

Optional: "Humanity" being also applied from *Vampire the Masquerade*. The use and abuse of magic, particularly macabre magic could have negative self-destructive effects.

The goal is a game that is focused on the aspects of seeking after this more limited means of magical power while potentially being faced down by the various monsters that roam the night. There is similarly a desire for it to be realistically restricted and follow the logic of the paradigms. This could be potentially worked into an existing game if it works within the setting and group, otherwise it would be cool to do something similar or inspired by "The Order" from netflix.

Price: Willing to personally pay up to 200$ per month at this time. Whatever is collected from other players would be bonus.

Time expectations: Actual play time can be as low as 8 hours per month, with a single long 8 hour session, or more likely two 4 hour sessions but include the time for taking monthly "downtime and research"