Looking for an amazing, lore driven storyteller for epic Vampire the Masquerade campaign

Looking For GM (Paid)

Game Played: World of Darkness: Vampire
Session Type: Long Campaign (6+ Sessions)
Start Time: TBD

Location: Discord

I am looking for a deep Vampire the Masquerade campaign starting in the Dark Ages or earlier (possibly as early as Egypt). Moving through time, possibly with time skipping or torpor. I imagine rules would be hybrid DA/Vampire/Elysium and probably allow 5th generation. I also imagine there would be a lot of groundwork around how much we can change history - both human and vampire canon.

From a mechanics point of view:
A weekly voice session on discord
Frequent interaction via discord in text - interludes, downtime, 1:1, etc.

So, I am looking for someone really deeply immersed in Vampire and WOD lore that can kind of wrangle people and put an amazing experience together.

Payment: I understand this is not a cheap ask so open to monthly fee driven model and if we are happy, would probably last years.

About us: We are older, late 30s-40s. Software professionals. We have played Vampire a fair amount in the past. One of us is a bit of a rules lawyer.

Happy to answer any questions!