Intro to D&D - Lost Mine of Phandelver

Price: $10 per person
Game Played: D&D 5e
Session Type: One-Shot
Start Time: TBD

Location: Fantasy Grounds and Discord

Neverwinter. For centuries it has carried the epithet "the City of Skilled Hands", and for good reason. Renowned for its culture and beauty, it was long a center for civilization and peace in the fierce wilderness that is the North. The last century or so has seen the once great city laid low, most recently by the eruption of Mount Hotenow in 1451 DR. The city was ripped asunder, both literally and in a metaphorical sense.

Now the city is rebuilding, and is abuzz with new vitality and opportunity. Neverwinter Wood remains shrouded in mystery, and many fell creatures roam its depths. Those of stout heart and filled with boldness, whether from courage or foolishness, flock to Neverwinter, hoping to find riches, fame, and power. For those skilled with sword and bow, spell and word, and quick of wit there is an abundance of all to be found, with an extra dose of danger and death lurking around every corner.

Interested in playing D&D, or have you had a taste and want more? This is the game for you!