The Adventure Begins!

This event is hosted by: Intro to D&D

Price: $10 per person
Game Played: D&D 5e
Session Type: Campaign Event
Start Time: TBD

Location: Fantasy Grounds and Discord

Pricing is $30 per person for 1 person. Yes, I will run a solo campaign! Pricing drops to $15 per person for 2 people, and $10 per person for 3 or more people. Ask me about my availability!

If you have played a little D&D and want more, or if you want to start playing this exciting and creative game, then this is the game for you. During our games I will be teaching you all of the ins and outs of this addictive and entertaining activity. In addition I will teach you how to use Fantasy Grounds and Discord to facilitate your online experience. The software and resources are free, all you need is your imagination!

Rockseeker Mining Company

Posted Eight Tarkash

Let it be known that the Rockseeker Mining Company is looking for intrepid souls skilled with sword, bow, or spell to transport a wagonload of mining equipment and supplies to Barthen’s Provisions in the frontier town of Phandalin. Pay is a generous twenty-five dragons, as well as food and lodging in Phandalin for a tenday, with the possibility of more work to be had.

Interested parties should inquire with Gundren Rockseeker immediately at the offices of the Rockseeker Mining Company, Protector’s Enclave.

Gundren, Tharden, and Nunro
Rockseeker Mining Company