What is LFGM?

LookingForGM.com is a matchmaking and game management tool for Game Masters that handles payments and game management across all the sites that you play games on, making it easy for players to find you and join your games!

The platform aims to help solve many of the current problems in gaming such as a reduced availability of games at odd times or on short notice, cancellations and attendance issues, and many more.

What is our mission?

In addition to solving existing problems in the table top gaming industry, we also are looking to the future. We want to expand the realm of Professional Game Masters not only in table top role-playing games, but also into story-telling, LARP, virtual reality, and other activities that fall into the category of role-play gaming.

We hope to empower our users to innovate and create new avenues to extend RPGs and transcend them to new levels.

Our Core Values


From a functional standpoint, the platform is designed to be easy to use, reliable to work as intended, and remain responsive and agile. Equally as important, we hope to nurture a strong and vibrant community that is focused on both individual and communal success to help drive the industry and grow the potential for Professional Game Mastering and Storytelling.

Our success lies in the success of our community.

How does this platform work?

Signing Up
After you create your free account, you can (1) browse the listings on the site for a game to join, (2) create your own free or paid listing as a GM to find players, (3) create a listing for a game you want to play to find a GM and other players, (4) list yourself as a GM in the directory for players to find you and request a game, or use any other features of the site.

Joining a Paid Game
When a player joins a paid game, they will see a box appear to make a payment with their credit card. After payment is completed, the player will have their place saved in a game. All refunds and disputes are handled directly with each Game Master.

Listing Fees
We keep it simple. There is a 7% fee for your first two listings in a given month that is collected at the time that a players pays and joins the listing. All other listings that month are only subject to a 2% fee. Stripe fees (2.7% + $.30) and sales tax not included in this fee.

How do I link my avatar to an image on Google Drive?

1. Upload your image to google drive.
2. Set the image to anyone on the internet can find and view.
3. Get the sharable link. It will look something like this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CDykSK0SbuKHNQMtU1iFO4UdOfHFc6Cl/view?usp=sharing.
4. In your profile/hub, put this link in the avatar section: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=YOURLINKHERE
5. Where it says "YOURLINKHERE," select the bold section in part 3 above from your link.
6. Update your profile and you're done!

How do I link a video in my Hub?

1. Open your video on YouTube.
2. Click "Share" underneath the video.
3. Click "embed" in the window that opens.
4. You'll see a bit of html, select the link from within it like so: https://www.youtube.com/embed/zU-Axn3wGRU
5. Paste this in your video link field in your Hub.
6. Update your profile and you're done!

How can I get involved?

Oh boy, I'm so glad you asked! There are always interesting conversations and feature disussions being held in our communities.

Reddit Forum!

Come and chat with us!

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