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What is LFGM?

LookingForGM.com, or LFGM, is a platform that provides Game Masters (GMs) with the tools and community to become successful professionals at their craft. In this central hub, GMs and players will be able to come together in an open marketplace, allowing the GMs to set their own game prices for players to shop through.

The platform will help to remove many of the current problems in gaming such as a reduced availability of games at odd times or on short notice, attendance, lack of time to invest in game prep and world creation for GMs, and many more.

What is our mission?

In addition to solving existing problems in the table top gaming industry, we also are looking to the future. We want to expand the realm of Professional Game Masters not only in table top role-playing games, but also into story-telling, LARP, virtual reality, and other activities that fall into the category of role-play gaming.

We hope to empower our users to innovate and create new avenues to extend RPGs and transcend them to new levels.

Our Core Values


From a functional standpoint, the platform is designed to be easy to use, reliable to work as intended, and remain responsive and agile. Equally as important, we hope to nurture a strong and vibrant community that is focused on both individual and communal success to help drive the industry and grow the potential for Professional Game Mastering and Storytelling.

Our success lies in the success of our community.

How does this platform work?

For Game Masters...

This platform allows you to create game listings for either free or paid games (currently paid games are not possible, but this will be coming in the very near future.) We want to provide Game Masters and storytellers with a platform that allows them to step into a Professional role, providing an opportunity to earn an income doing something that they love.

When the game is completed, each player will be asked to rate the GM in order to provide feedback, allowing the GM insight into their performance as well as aiding the community in understanding more about the GMs experience level and strengths. The GM will also have an opportunity to rate each players performance. Click here for details.

For Players...

Though each user can be either a GM or player, players are able to specifically create listings where they can remain a player and decide to search for a GM to host a game for them. The player authoring the listing will define the terms (e.g. price, number of open seats, game type, etc.) and the GM will have to accept those terms if they want to accept the role of host in that event. The listing will have an open slot for a GM to fill as well as player fields (depdendent on the number chosen by the listing author in each case).

When the game is completed, the Game Master will be asked to rate each of the player's performances and each of the players will be asked to do the same for the Game Master's performance Click here for details.

How do payments work?

Payments will be implemented in the very near future. Currently, the LFGM platform allows testing some of our non-payment related features until this is in place. We hope to have more details for you as we come closer to this reality.

Safety is a priority for us. With your feedback, we will create a system that is safe, secure, and tailored to your preferences.

GMs don't need to get paid, this will never work!

First of all, that's not a question! Though, we understand that there is skepticism in the idea of Professional Game Masters.

We believe that Game Mastering is an art form, incoporating many facets of storytelling. GMs provide us with hours of amazing entertainment by spending exorbitant amounts of time crafting their world, developing story lines, and presenting it to us in a real-time adventure like no other. We want to empower GMs to be able to spend more time doing this. The more time they spend doing what they love, the better they can become. GMs will be able to justify the time spent, as well as provide more opportunities to run games because they are fairly compensated for their time.

We simply want to empower the players to support their favorite GMs.

We understand that not everyone will want to pay to play games. For those that see the benefits that come with this dynamic, we want to be your one-stop platform for doing so.

How can I get involved?

Oh boy, I'm so glad you asked! There are always interesting conversations and feature disussions being held in our communities.

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