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Rad Benefits


After each game players and Game Masters can rate each other, providing insight into each individual's play-style. Find out if players or GMs match your style of play before taking a seat at the table.

Need a Game Master? Browse the GM Directory and refine your search for the perfect GM, including the ability to filter by game experience, day-of-week and time-of-day availability, timezone, language, and style.

Communicate with other users via "Open Groups" (more below) or through private messages directly on the LFGM platform.

Free access to our Professional GM blog posts and podcasts!

Wicked Awesome Group Scheduling


Create "Open Groups" to generate interest from players and GMs. Open Groups allow for communication about game details as well as a simple and effective vote-based scheduling system to decide on the most popular game times.

Each game can be started and managed directly within an Open Group. Players may join either a "Curated" Group where they can join a wait-list. The author of the Group can then choose players from the wait-list to join the game. A "Public" Group can be created to allow first come first serve. "Private" Groups can also be created that work like a curated Group, however is seen only to those who know the link.

Your Groups can easily be viewed and managed in your Hub. You can set your Hub as a "Game Master Hub" by listing yourself as a GM in your profile.

Sick Game Master Hub


Market yourself as a Game Master with all of your video and podcasts, stories, blogging, and content in one place.

Share your YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo pages as well as audio podcasts!

Keep all your Open Groups and game Listings in one place for easy reference and management!

Track and share amazing stories from your games in your "Journal" directly from your GM Hub.

Do you run paid games? Take advantage of becoming a "Featured GM" by running two unique paid games within the same month. Featured GMs receive special perks such as better visibility in the directory and open groups, unique badges, discounted commission rates, and more. Learn how.

Bodacious Automated Payments


Want to accept payments as a Game Master? All it takes is a one-time easy setup with Stripe (less than 2 minutes). Learn how.

Players can conveniently pay for games directly through your listings with a credit card (it's super fast). They can pay for themselves or for entire groups. Each individual account that joins a listing will be able to provide one rating per game.

Simple fees. First two sessions of a game subject to 7% commission in any given month, then only 2% on each game after that (excluding Stripe fees of 2.7% + $.30 and local taxes if applicable).

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