Here's How It Works, Game Masters!

1. Create Your LFGM Account

Quickly and easily create your LFGM account in order to start posting your game and event listings and begin your journey as a Professional Game Master (PGM) or storyteller!

2. List a Game

After creating your account, you can create your first game listing! You can choose the type of game to run, campaign vs. one-shot, game duration, and other options.

Stay tuned for the ability to price your games as well. We are currently implementing this feature. You will be able to set your own prices and begin building your reputation as a Professional Game Master - or just earn some income on the side doing something you already love to do! You will not be employed by LFGM - set your own prices and make your own rules.

3. Get Feedback

After your game, the players will be given the opportunity to provide you with feedback on how you did. You will also be asked to rate the players. The main reason for this is to provide constructive feedback so that both you and the players can improve - not to penalize users. Critique from a place of love - we're all in this together.

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