Notes about Listings - Bugs and Expectations

Nov. 15, 2017, 3:17 p.m.

Hey all,

About our early stages here at LFGM, when you list your games, remember that our userbase is still quite small. We have 100 registered accounts as of this announcement (since only Saturday so yay!) and we've had 9 games listed. Until our user base increases, remember to advertise your games on your social circles as well and ask your players to join your game on LookingForGM.com. Your players love playing in your games. They will be happy to help you and provide feedback.

The biggest benefit you're going to gain here right now is the ratings and testimonials. When you finish your game, GMs and players will be able to rate each other and leave testimonials for others. When we bring the payment gateway online, think of how much of a stronger start you could have with some of your game reviews in place. Run your games as you normally do, but take advantage of the features early on!

If you *only* list your game on our site, don't be discouraged if your games do not attract players during our beta stage. You might get them, and you may not. The user base is simply too small to rely on the site by itself at this time. Make sure you tell your social groups to come and join your games here. The user base population will grow, but this will take time.

We also plan to implement "share" buttons so that you can quickly and easily share your game with your social networks. Features take time, though, so be patient with us!

As always, keep that feedback coming.

Happy gaming!


Door always open,

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