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Why Do Fans Pay To Watch?

Dec. 11, 2017, 2:06 a.m.

Excerpt from the article:
"Live D&D is a growing phenomenon, and an enthusiastic audience watched the mostly imaginary action from all angles at the Force Grey: Survive the Tomb live show that was held on Nov. 18 at Villain in Brooklyn. It was the finale of the second season of Force Grey, a Dungeons & Dragons game following a group of adventurers from Waterdeep. The season featured the group trying to save the world from a horrible curse as they played through the Tomb of Annihilation adventure released earlier this fall. Somewhat complicated, sure, but the audience followed along the entire time."

It's truly amazing to see more evidence each day of how role-playing games can become a new form of paid entertainment. This opens the door for new possibilities, including your chance to use our platform to create your own avenue into professional Game Mastering.

Does this only include tabletop RPGs? Of course not! We fully expect to see innovative new solutions to RPG entertainment over the next few years. We are on the cusp of a VR revolution. Will that be the next stage? Will you run your own live RPG show? Start listing opportunities for players on LFGM and see what you can do!

Check out the full article here:


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