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last seen Sept. 16, 2020

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I once beat Zeb Cook in a Greyhawk Trivia Contest. I lived on a desert island for two years while I was an officer in the US Air Force. I like to brew my own beer, make my own chinese food, and fence saber; although I do none of these as much as I would like anymore. Premises guarded by man with shotgun three nights a week-- you guess the nights. While D&D's a first love, Ars Magica is my greatest love and Cthulhutech my secret mistress. L5R taught me you can lose initiative without ever needing to roll and I like the old-school vibe of Savage Worlds. I'll play whatever game you put in front of me, except FATAL-- fuck that thing, and pour me another whiskey. :)

I've been doing professional game design since late 2007. Before then, starting in about 2006, I wrote adventures for Living Greyhawk, primarily for Keoland, Ulek, and the Sheldomar Valley.

I try to hew as close to the rules as I can remember at the table without having to do a deep dive on some particular mechanic, but I'll never kill a PC through a misunderstanding-- if make-believe lives are on the line, then we've got time to look at a book. By the same token, if it's important to the moment at hand, we can check. Otherwise, I try to keep things active, engaging, and character-driven. I may have some storyline at hand, but it moves at pace with the characters, not without them.

I get descriptive with combat and magic, I have a few voices I can manage, and I haven't had too many complaints about my style for the last 36 years.

I run a safe, comfortable, inclusive table that works to be as considerate as possible to my players, their limitations, their needs, and intentions for the game.

I'm willing go the full Leeroy Jenkins, but I can also be a bit of an investigator and puzzlehound. I'd rather take risks than do nothing, but I'm also expecting the other side of the table to reward us when we do something awesome. I've got about 12 rules for being a player-- you can find them on the internet, they won't fit here. :)

Backgrounds are for giving GMs hooks and toys. Don't jack with other people's fun. Follow the story. Be active. Encourage other players. Don't hog the spotlight. Be willing to take chances.

Games I Play:

  • AD&D: 2nd Ed.
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • D&D 3.5
  • D&D 4e
  • D&D 5e
  • D&D: Original
  • Gamma World
  • Gumshoe
  • Pathfinder
  • Savage Worlds
  • West Marches

Favorite Genres:

  • Apocalypse
  • Cyber punk
  • Fantasy
  • Modern
  • Retro
  • Sci-fi

Favorite Tropes:

  • Cleric
  • Rogue
  • Warrior
  • Wizard

RolePlay Preference:

  • High


  • Waterford, New York

Timezone offset (UTC):

  • US/Eastern

Days of the Week:

  • Sunday
  • Wednesday
  • Saturday

Times of the Day:

  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • Night
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