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last seen Nov. 28, 2020

Events Completed: 69
Positive Reviews: 10

LFGM Rating: 98

Heyo! My name is Charles. I'm 37 years old, and I've been playing TTRPGs for the past 21 years. Holy crap... I am so old. I've loved TTRPGs ever since I discovered them. The absolute, limitless freedom scratched the creative itch unlike anything else I had encountered up to that point, and I've been hooked ever since.

I run highly cinematic games, often describing the scene through a "Virtual Camera." I try very hard to create a consistent visual image for all players, as I believe this heightens the after-the-fact talk. Everyone experiences a much more even game, and has a better shared experience. Again, no hard data on this, just a gut feeling.

I also push a lot of world-/scene-building back to the players. For example:
Player: "Okay, I look around for someone to pickpocket. Is there someone that I could pickpocket?"
Me: "I don't know. Is there?"
Player: *creates new NPC*

If you like player driven stories, and you like cinematic action, I might be the Storyteller for you!

Fantasy games leaning toward horror, or just straight up horror games.

Games I Play:

  • 13th Age
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • D&D 3.5
  • Hunter: The Vigil
  • Other
  • Pathfinder
  • Pathfinder 2.0
  • World of Darkness: Other

Favorite Genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi

Favorite Tropes:

  • Cleric
  • Rogue

RolePlay Preference:

  • Medium


  • Hanover, Maryland

Timezone offset (UTC):

  • US/Eastern

Days of the Week:

  • Wednesday
  • Tuesday

Times of the Day:

  • Evening
  • Night

"The Best GM"

by Layne
Would Recommend? Yes

"Charles has run two of my games over the years, and uses his knowledge, patience, creativity and spontaneity to create the best possible gaming experience. Enough can't be said about him as a GM. Just....if you're using 3.5, avoid Ring of Blinking and Ring of Freedom of Movement or he may kill your character out of spite. =>
Just kidding."

"Fun awaits!"

by Marlowe
Would Recommend? Yes

"I'm playing with Charles as GM in two systems, Pathfinder 2e and 13th Age which are suprisingly different for D&D style games but hallmarks of his campaigns include flexible thinking on the fly and including players in the worldbuilding process while playing.

If you're looking for an online game that replicates the feeling of getting around a table with your friends Charles is your guy."

"Get in this game, thank me later"

by Coyote
Would Recommend? Yes

"So I'm on my third campaign with this guy, so obviously I hate it. He's always been a consummate professional, even when dealing with the sort of insanely difficult people you run into when playing online with strangers. He's into the story more than the rules, more interested in creative storytelling than crunching rules. Totally good with bending or outright breaking the rules to give characters cool arcs. I think this is his best quality; a willingness to work with you to make your character feel unique and memorable. I've played under plenty of GMs and Charles is one of the best I've ever met! Get in his game; thank me later ;)"

"One of the Best"

by Lightsfantastic
Would Recommend? Yes

"He knows his system. Knows his content. Great storyteller. Worth your time and $!"

"Pros and Cons of GM Charles"

by stagnantmoon15
Would Recommend? Yes

"Most of the reviewers have said some good points! I do recommend Charles as a gm as I been enjoying Extinction Curse.

He knows the rule system
Flexible with Characters
Uses either Foundry/Fantasy Grounds
Very understanding if life happens
He balances encounters around party/maybe more rests etc
He loves summoners and people with animal companions!
He knows the VTT really well. Fantasy Grounds if something isn't in there he can automate it the best he can.

If you use LTE or 5G as your provider of internet, you might need vpn to get thru to play."

"Pretty Good"

by Glythur
Would Recommend? Yes

"Pretty good GM that allows all the players to have a lot of fun and we all enjoy playing with him. Creates fun and meaningful stories and is just a great time"

"Very theatrical"

by Xlapus
Would Recommend? Yes

"A+, would recommend if you like a thematic/theatrical game instead of a heavily rules/minutiae focused campaign."

"Great GM"

by deadairis
Would Recommend? Yes

"Charles is a smart, charming gamemaster who works hard to use the best tools and make sure everyone can use them. Just tremendous."

"Super enjoyable GM experience"

by Rachel
Would Recommend? Yes

"So, I've been playing with Charles for about a year now. I have played before with friends but this has been my first experience with a paid GM. I find Charles very easy to work with. As a GM he's super patient with me- I don't remember rules a lot of the time and am not so tech savvy. It is easy to contact him outside of the game to run things by him. Charles is super descriptive which is cool for an online game. He's a great story teller. Overall a great GM experience."

"Top Shelf Storyteller"

by Growlly
Would Recommend? Yes

"I’ve played over 30 sessions with Charles and keep coming back. To me, his biggest strengths are portrayals of horror, creating a cinematic atmosphere, and keeping things moving.

In terms of horror, Charles has a great cadence and vocabulary for describing horrifying and suspenseful scenes off the cuff in a way that can only come from substantial experience and being well-read. I have a bit of GM experience, and I wouldn’t even attempt what Charles does with horror. More broadly, Charles does a great job of creating a cinematic atmosphere both with the use of audio and “camera” viewpoints to describe scenes that increases immersion. Charles has a good instinct for pacing, which I think is probably the best GM skill to have--slowing down to absorb a scene, speeding up to avoid minutiae.

I also just find Charles to be nice and an easy person to get along with. Establishing rapport goes a long way in a personal experience like live roleplaying.

Bottom line: strongly recommended."

Game Package

First Game Free

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$15 per person


English, Russian,


  • A highly cinematic experience.
  • Background music and sound via Syrinscape.
  • A truly collaborative world you help fill out.
  • Engaging games in lieu of rules nitpicking.
  • PC vignettes. Tell your story through flashbacks!