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  • Anime Campaign
  • D&D 5e

"What a GM!"

by damian

"Footgroose is absolutely one of the best Game Masters that I have had the pleasure to play with.

Footgroose has a partner who also acts as a player in the game.. These two gentlemen hosted me in a game of Anime Campaign and, although we only had two players, the game was a ton of fun. It was my first foray into this ruleset. These guys did a great job in creating my character and teaching me the rules along the way, without wasting precious adventure time.

The GMs use of hilarious music and voice-acting was only surpassed by his ability to be sharp and witty and never missing a beat with his NPCs. The interaction with NPCs was more interesting than adventure itself and it felt like every NPC could have been an integral part of the game. I would definitely recommend trying out a game with these guys."