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last seen Sept. 23, 2020

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LFGM Rating: 4

I'm a lifelong student and gamer. I'm also a credentialed teacher (K-5). I have two sons and a cat. I like comic books, movies, book books, and video games. No huge surprises there. I'm also a cancer survivor!

I like to give the players lots of action. I think everyone should be rolling dice and talking in character. And telling jokes and talking out of character too. When it's time to roleplay, I like to give the players opportunities to interact with their world. NPCs are the best tool for that, but I also like to develop a scene by including lots of interactive features. I prefer to map out a campaign in advance, usually about five sessions ahead or so, but I also encourage players to follow whatever path interests them.

I will make you work. I'm not very bright and I often rush headlong into danger. If you like an instigator in your party, I'm your man. I will attack that NPC. I will steal that treasure. I'm a horrible person. But I love my party and am extremely loyal. Out of character, I like to collaborate with the other players when deciding what my character does. I like to be crazy and spontaneous, but I'm careful not to impede other players' fun.

Games I Play:

  • Army of Darkness Roleplaying Game
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Champions
  • D&D 4e
  • D&D 5e
  • Dark Champions
  • Deadlands: Hell on Earth
  • Deadlands: Lost Colony
  • Deadlands: The Weird West
  • Eclipse Phase
  • FATE: Accelerated
  • FATE: Core
  • FATE: Dresden Files
  • Hero System
  • Mouse Guard
  • Mutants & Masterminds
  • Orpheus
  • Pathfinder 2.0
  • Savage Worlds
  • Spirit of the Century
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Favorite Genres:

  • Apocalypse
  • Fantasy
  • Modern
  • Sci-fi

Favorite Tropes:

  • Warrior

RolePlay Preference:

  • Medium


  • Eureka, California

Timezone offset (UTC):

  • US/Pacific

Days of the Week:

  • Monday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

Times of the Day:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
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  • Strong continuity and development in stories.
  • Assistance in all areas of character development.
  • Relaxing atmosphere that encourages humor.
  • I know the rules. I will teach you the rules.
  • Many opportunities for improvisation.
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