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last seen Sept. 24, 2020

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I started GM'ing DnD 5e for some of my own friends a couple years back, and we've had some awesome games, but im a little tired of only ever GM'ing and so id like to jump into the player seat if possible.

I've got several characters backlogged that i would love to get some action with.

I have played in a couple one-shots run by friends so i do have some player experience.

I like to play around with the backstories that my players give me and try to suprise them with creative plot hooks and story arcs

I will always hint at whats ahead but never give it away, and occasionally my party might pick up on some information that they then use to their advantage, which helps them feel a lot smarter and have more fun

I run fairly challening combat encounters but am yet to have a TPK so i think im doing something right

I love to interact with the other PCs and provoke opportunites for them to react to.
I Enjoy RP and Combat about equally.
I also believe that i am able to give the other players a chance to have their moments and not get in the way of their enjoyment with the game.

Games I Play:

  • D&D 5e

Favorite Genres:

  • Fantasy

Favorite Tropes:

  • Cleric
  • Shaman
  • Wizard

RolePlay Preference:

  • Medium


  • Christchurch

Timezone offset (UTC):

  • Pacific/Auckland

Days of the Week:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

Times of the Day:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
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