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Hello! I'm Gorik and I'm a professional actor and public speaker. I also write screenplays or other cool stories and teach improv and have been doing all these creative things for about 10 years now. I've taken it upon myself to try and jump into the world of professional DM'ing to see what's possible. I'm well versed in both English and Dutch and because of my voice acting and improv I can do different dialects, voices and accents. A lovely skill to have when roleplaying, of course. I fell in love with D&D a few years ago and developed an almost encyclopedic knowledge. I've been diving into Salvatore's books and though I still have a lot to learn, I am voraciously eager to entertain.

I'm Mr. Custom. I like to have a solid session zero and base my homebrew world on what the players like and dislike. I approach games like I would do an improv show or make a movie. I look for character evolution moments and slowly raise stakes throughout the different sessions. I'm a big fan of longer campaigns, though one-shots can be hilarious because of all the freedom you get so silly things suddenly become very viable. I prefer roleplay over rollplay. Characters, stories and adventure are more important to me than min-maxing or dungeon crawling or combat. But that's a personal preference. I always include combat, puzzles, roleplay, dungeons, ... in my sessions. And I allow that mix to be adjusted to what my players want and need. A group who's big on combat and puzzles? Oh, you just entered the D&D version of Uncharted, my friends. A group who wants a steampunk detective noir story? You got it! Bladerunner meets Sin City meets Watchmen? Coming right up! I love being pushed and challenged as a storyteller and I will always have a fun story hook to dangle in front of you, a fresh challenge waiting to be unleashed or a BBEG ready for a dramatic monologue. Welcome to my domain, welcome to your new home.

As a player I like it if my background is incorporated in the story. I like flashy and dramatic things. Overly zealous paladins, arrogant-to-a-fault swashbucklers and wizards who think they can logic their way out of problems. I love playing flawed characters and slowly seeing them grow. I like good mix of roleplay, combat, puzzles, adventure and dungeons and have no real preference. I love doing voices thus I like roleplay better but D&D just doesn't seem right without combat or dungeons.

Games I Play:

  • D&D 5e

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  • Fantasy

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  • Rogue

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  • Medium


  • GENT, Belgium

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  • Europe/Brussels

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