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Hello there, I am Wobble Waffle, lover of goblins and runner of games. The only thing that trumps my love for writing and goblins is my love for TTRPGs. I am mildly young, however I wish to create a mature image of myself, which doesn't mean being NSFW but rather being respectful, self-controlled, and mildly intelligent.

GM Style

I'd like to say I run both a serious yet silly game, though I tend to tip to the former. In most cases, I attempt to present a serious narrative and the players fight against the current with these absolutely bizarre characters, which I have no complaints about. If you are looking to me as your GM, you should understand that I don't care much for tiny details in my games, such as your exact rank and group in this military and the year of this war. I don't expect my players to go that deep into their backstory, and you shouldn't expect me to either.

To summarize; I don't care about the small details, I like goblins, and I tend to have both seriousness and silliness.

Games I Play:

  • D&D 5e
  • Starfinder

Favorite Genres:

  • fantasy
  • modern

Favorite Tropes:

  • paladin
  • wizard