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  • Friday


What's happenin'? I have been playing table top games since around 2013, beginning with online games and then finding my way into local shops and groups.

I remember being in high school and spotting a box of ‘Hero’s Quest’ on the floor. Something immediately drew me to it but my friend wasn’t too keen on it, so we never played. It sat in the back of my mind until around 2013 when I went ahead and tried game of D&D 4e. I was floored at how much I enjoyed it. I come from a background of playing MUDs for years and years and simply loved RPGs from the start.

I quickly moved into the GM role and never looked back. It is absolutely my favorite role in the game as I spend more time than I should designing worlds and adventures.

I hope to share the next adventure with you!

GM Style

Although I spend a significant time planning adventures, most of my games are improvised. It's usually a balanced mix of having a general idea of how the world works, and the events that happen along the way are often developing impromptu or in the moment. In my experience, this has always led to better games.

I encourage team-work and player cooperation as well as leaning on players to help flesh out details of the world along the way. This is not my game. This is our shared adventure and I am simply your guide.

I love players that take opportunities to really push the envelope on character development. Whether you like voices or being more serious or more light-hearted is less important to me than the willingness to grow within your character. This means that I want to see your player try new things and evolve in who they are.

I love serious, heavy-RP games but I can enjoy a light-hearted game full of laughs as well. It all depends on what the players want. In my heavier games, I really push the boundaries to provide difficult choices and deeper connections for characters.

Oh, and don't hold it against me if I get a rule or two wrong. We all make mistakes. It's about making sure everyone at the table is having fun.

Games I Play:

  • Apocalypse World
  • Blades in the Dark
  • Burning Wheel
  • D&D 4e
  • Dungeon World
  • Grim World
  • Inverse World
  • Pathfinder 2.0
  • Torchbearer

Favorite Genres:

  • apocalypse
  • cyber punk
  • fantasy
  • sci-fi