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Chichester, UK

Zip Code:

PO19 7

Timezone offset (UTC):


Days of the Week:

  • Friday
  • Saturday

Times of the Day:


I've been playing and running games for over 20 years in various formats and systems. By day I'm a software engineer, by night I write and publish RPG content.

GM Style

Rule-of-cool, sandbox, improv-heavy. I run games where the players are invited to define as much as possible about the world they are playing in and I work to shine a light in all the stories the group wants to tell, both my own and each of the players.

Play Style

I don't care at all about character optimisation and don't particular enjoy very grandiose, over the top, epic tales. I like playing simple characters with real lives and motivations, and I like playing to find out what happens and telling a story together about everyone at the tables characters.

Games I Play:

  • Apocalypse World
  • Blades in the Dark
  • Dungeon World
  • FATE: Accelerated
  • FATE: Core
  • Fiasco

Favorite Genres:

  • apocalypse
  • cyber punk
  • fantasy
  • modern
  • retro
  • sci-fi