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Annapolis, MD, 21401
Timezone (UTC): -5

I’m a school teacher, linguist, and traveler.


Wisconsin, 54935
Timezone (UTC): +6

Timezone (UTC): +0


Timezone (UTC): -5


Australia, 5090
Timezone (UTC): +9

Professional GM since 1992. From one-on-one 1-shots to epic 80 player campaigns that last for 10 years, I've run them all, but these days I prefer good ole classic fantasy in a legacy world I've been… read more


Macedonia, 1000
Timezone (UTC): +6

25 Years of age and a Bachelor of Industrial Design.
Playing for 6 years and GM'ing for 2.


Everett, WA, 98270
Timezone (UTC): -8


Washington State, USA, 98339
Timezone (UTC): -8

Long time player and GM.

Chicago, 60630
Timezone (UTC): +0


Greensboro, North Carolina, 27310
Timezone (UTC): -5


kansas city, ks, 66213
Timezone (UTC): -6


Seattle, 98102
Timezone (UTC): -8
Looking for a dynamic and unique team-building event? Want to learn to play Dungeons & Dragons? Or are you already an experienced player and just want to take i… read more



Grand Rapids, Mi USA, 49546
Timezone (UTC): -5

Twenty years ago a young lad in the deserts of the South West picked up The Silmarillion... Since then I have been an avid reader of fantasy but it wasn't until college that I was introduced to RPG's… read more


Boston, 20169
Timezone (UTC): -5

Colorado Springs CO, 80917
Timezone (UTC): -7

I am an activist and a Gemini. Been playing for ages, but love to reinvent myself and dive into modern systems and play styles. I served as a sniper with the US Army 1st Infantry and now work for pea… read more


United States of America, 67203
Timezone (UTC): -6

Thanks for taking the time to read this! My name across most sites is TheNerdySimulation, though most people tend to just call me Nerdy (they/them). I have been playing RPGs since I was about 9 years… read more


Santa Maria, CA, 93455
Timezone (UTC): -8

Been gaming since Original D&D.


Montréal, H1G 1P0
Timezone (UTC): +6

French from Montréal.
60 years old , start to play RPG at 20 years.


Houston, TX, 77091
Timezone (UTC): -6

Video game nerd since birth, discovered TTRPGs in High School but didn't have the opportunity to play until college. I've played primarily D&D games (3.5, 4, and 5 editions) for the majority of my ex… read more


Morristown, Tennessee, USA, 37814
Timezone (UTC): -5

I've been playing these games for 30+ years now. I feel kind of old. I cut my teeth on 1st Edition AD&D and moved quickly to 2nd Edition when it came out. From there I played Champions, Rolemaster… read more


Greenville, 27858
Timezone (UTC): -5

Hey there everybody, its ya boi, me. Ive been GMing for mostly IRL and Discord friends for about a decade now. Times are tough and I'm hoping to make some extra money on the side by doing this.


San Jose, California, 95035
Timezone (UTC): +8

35 years experience with tabletop rpgs, experience with all editions of Dungeons & Dragons, as well as experience running games with Shadowrun, Rifts, Pathfinder, Gamma World, Fantasy Flight Star War… read more


North Las Vegas, 89031
Timezone (UTC): -7

I'm a professional writer of Science Fiction & Fantasy and a software developer.

Philadelphia, 19125
Timezone (UTC): -5


Washington State, 98292
Timezone (UTC): -8


Oshawa, ON, L1G5X3
Timezone (UTC): -5

I am a 40+ year old father of two. I have been a GM for 20 years and run numerous game systems. I run a GM for Hire service in my local area and make the rounds in the local convention circuit.


Montreal, J9E5W1
Timezone (UTC): -4

I am BlackStrum. I've been playing D&D for over 20 years. I started with AD&D 2.0 edition (still play it with friend at my house). I only DM, somehow, I don't get the same entertainment when I play.
read more


Australia, 4304
Timezone (UTC): -2

Been Gming for about 2 years.

I love fantasy and modern RPGs the most but will also dabble in a bit of Zombie stuff here and there.


Mississippi, 39701
Timezone (UTC): -5


Melbourne, Australia, 3000
Timezone (UTC): +11


Atlanta, GA, 30307
Timezone (UTC): -4


Minnesota, 55106
Timezone (UTC): -6

I am a martial arts instructor and avid gamer of all types, tabletop as well as electronic. I've been doing both most of my life and now I'm on the path to becoming a professional Game Master.


Anonymous Rex
Timezone (UTC): -4

Hello there, I am Wobble Waffle, lover of goblins and runner of games. The only thing that trumps my love for writing and goblins is my love for TTRPGs. I am mildly young, however I wish to create a … read more


Long Beach, California, 90712
Timezone (UTC): -8

Hello Adventurers, my name is Alexandrite and I am a queer gamer who loves RP and shiny polyhedral objects with various colors.

I've been playing roleplaying games for as long as I can remember;… read more


Philadelphia, PA, 19146
Timezone (UTC): -5


Timezone (UTC): -4


St Helens, OR, 97051
Timezone (UTC): -8

I've been gaming for about 20 years. I love challenge, games, stories, and world building. I love been wrapped up into the fiction during a game.


Seattle, 98122
Timezone (UTC): -8

I'm a lifelong player of tabletop RPGs, PC games, and console games. I love RPGs with my entire little black heart, and I think collaborative storytelling is one of the best things that anyone can do… read more


Timezone (UTC): -5

Roll for Knowledge (Local)/History/Lore!
My name is Benjamin and I have been GMing/playing tabletop RPGs for 5+ years.
I am a Paizo Venture Agent who runs Organized Play/Path/Starfinder Society gam… read more


Tacoma, WA, 98405
Timezone (UTC): -12

I am an experienced GM and Player with over 30 years experience with RPGs and Boardgames.

Johnson City TN, 37601
Timezone (UTC): -4


Renton, WA, 98059
Timezone (UTC): -8

Veteran GM of 37+ years. Ran almost every system imaginable. Currently running a weekly SAT group at Metro Seattle Gamers - learn more at -->


Reno, Nevada, 89521
Timezone (UTC): -8

Been playing table top games for ages. I'm an illustrator and designer.


Ogden, UT, 84404
Timezone (UTC): -7


My name is Robert and I am hopelessly addicted to Powered by the Apocalypse games. I love running them and playing.


Alberta, Canada, T2R1K8
Timezone (UTC): -7

I've been playing TTRPGs for about 8 years now, about 5 of which have been primarily GMing. I started with Stars Without Number and have played a variety of games since. I currently have two groups, … read more


San Diego, CA
Timezone (UTC): -8


Murfreesboro TN
Timezone (UTC): -6

I'm a father, family minister, and gamer. I enjoy meeting people, hanging out, and playing games. I have 2 daughters who I enjoy playing games with. Most of my time is spent at work, hanging with my… read more


Lacey, 98503
Timezone (UTC): -7

I've been gaming since 3.5 was new and got in with an old school group that did AD&D and 2.0 fairly often. Since then I've dabbled in several smaller games, Castles and Crusades and Pendragon being t… read more


Santa Maria, California, 93455
Timezone (UTC): -7

Long time gamer. Into cats, fantasy and scifi, history, religion, computers, and food.


Colorado, USA
Timezone (UTC): -6

I'm a gamer with more decades of RPG experience than I'd care to admit. I've played and GMed a lot of different games and enjoy being on both sides of the screen.


Reno, Nevada, 89506
Timezone (UTC): -8

Running RPG's since the early 80's!


White Plains, NY
Timezone (UTC): -5

I've been GMing my fantastical wonderland of Elthos since 1978, and have recently published my own Elthos RPG Rules System, and Web Application that supports it, known affectionately as The Mythos Ma… read more


Utah, USA
Timezone (UTC): -7


Watertown, MA, 02472
Timezone (UTC): -5


Las Vegas, NV
Timezone (UTC): -12


Timezone (UTC): -5


Miami, FL, 33156
Timezone (UTC): -5

I've been hooked on tabletop RPGs since I was 11 and tried Star Wars d6 for the first time. I mostly stuck to Star Wars and D&D in my younger years.

RPGs sadly fell to the wayside from the end of … read more


Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, 2779
Timezone (UTC): +10

Hi! I've been playing RPGs since 1989, running them since 2008, and now I organise conventions!


Timezone (UTC): -12

Grey french Game Master


Chichester, UK, PO19 7
Timezone (UTC): +0

I've been playing and running games for over 20 years in various formats and systems. By day I'm a software engineer, by night I write and publish RPG content.

Alameda CA, near Oakland, 94501
Timezone (UTC): -8


North Orange County, CA
Timezone (UTC): -12


New Zealand
Timezone (UTC): -12

I've been GMing tabletop games for around 5 years now. I've played a bunchload of games from DnD to Fragged Empires, to LANCER, to Legacy Life from the Ruins.
If it's fun and good, I'm down to play… read more


Darwin, Australia
Timezone (UTC): +9


Northeast Mesa, AZ
Timezone (UTC): -7

Well, heya! I'm Miles, a longtime player of D&D and novice-intermediate DM for Fifth Edition! I love immersing players in the story, and making combat a cinematic affair. I currently have a preferenc… read more


Timezone (UTC): -12


Phoenix, AZ
Timezone (UTC): -7

I'm a huge fan of RPGs in general and D&D 5e in particular. I was the community manager for the D&D Adventurers League for a few years. I run the Dark Sun site, I'm a professional RPG writ… read more


Adelaide, Australia
Timezone (UTC): +9

Toronto, ON, M9A4A9
Timezone (UTC): -5

I have made some money being a DM and enjoy bring the game to those who want to experience it. I have over 30 years experience with different RPGs and with the resurgence of D&D 5E, I want to make a … read more


Missouri, 65101
Timezone (UTC): -6

A midwestern elf who loves to play in her own world as well as others! Currently writing my own game rules.


New York
Timezone (UTC): -4

Heya! My name is Ryan and I'm looking to find some new people to play with!


Ohio, 43221
Timezone (UTC): -5

What's happenin'? I have been playing table top games since around 2013, beginning with online games and then finding my way into local shops and groups.

I remember being in high school and spotti… read more


Timezone (UTC): -12


United States
Timezone (UTC): -12